“Viva Las Vegas” 2010 National Championship announced!

21 08 2010

Splash Dogs is pleased to announce the location of it’s 2010 Splash Dogs National Championships – Las Vegas, NV.  That’s right Splash Doggers – Viva Las Vegas!

Mark your calendars!  The 2010 Splash Dogs National Championship will be hosted by the Bass Pro Shops of Las Vegas, NV November 4 – 7, 2010. This annual event, which was once known as the Splash Dogs Cynosport World Dock Jumping Championships, will be a four day action packed event which will include several last chance qualifying competitions, a Championship for all Splash Dogs Super Air Divisions ( Splash, Junior, Senior, Pro and Extreme) and Classes of competition (Super Vertical, Lap Dog and Junior Handler) as well as our Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday evening. More details still to come.

2010 National Championships Qualifying

As in previous years, your dog must qualify to attend the Splash Dogs National Championship. There will be several last minute qualifiers running from Thursday through mid day Saturday. The requirements for qualifying are below. Please note that Ultimate Air Dogs and SRS jumps will also count towards qualifying for the Splash Dogs National Championship.

Super Air:
The Junior Handler, Lap Dog and Divisional Championships will run between Saturday and Sunday, November 6 – 7. A team must complete 5 scores in a specific division between November 15th 2009 through November 6th 2010, prior to the commencement of the 2010 Splash Dogs National Championship. Your dog will only qualify in the highest division that you have 5 scores in.  If a dog qualifies in 2 different divisions with 2 different handlers, the dog must compete in the higher of the two divisions, but may compete with either “qualified” handler. A dog may not compete with a handler who does not have 5 scores in a division with that dog in the 2010 competition season. There will be several competitions running Thursday thru mid day Saturday for anyone looking to get last minute qualifying score(s).

Super Vertical:
The Super Vertical Championship will take place on Saturday November 6th. A team must have a successful competition “catch” at 6’0″ or higher at a Splash Dogs event between November 15th 2009 through November 5th 2010, prior to the commencement of the 2010 Splash Dogs National Championship. There will be a “last chance” pre-qualifying round on Friday, November 5th.

More information will be available in the coming weeks! Please email questions to info@splashdogs.com

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